To setup your Vend store with Despatch Cloud please follow the installation and setup instructions as below.

If you would like support setting up your Vend store with Despatch Cloud you can call us on 01377 538 010 or email [email protected].

If you want to know more about Vend, you can visit the official Vend website


You can add Vend to your Despatch Cloud by navigating to Settings -> Sales Channels -> Install Channels and selecting Vend from the dropdown list.

Once you've installed your Vend module, you need to pair your Vend Store to Despatch Cloud. This can be done by opening the menu for your Vend Store and clicking the setup URL.

Once you've navigated your way to Setup URL, you will be presented with the VendPOS connector. When you click Authenticate Account, this will take you to Vend saying that that Despatch Cloud requires access to your account.

Once you have allowed Despatch Cloud access to your Vend store, you will be redirected back to the connector, with a field containing a Refresh Token.

Once you have copied the Refresh Token to your clipboard, paste this in your settings for your Vend POS store in the "Refresh Token" field.

Any orders imported into Despatch Cloud from Vend without an addressee will be marked as "Despatched". Any orders that do have an addressee with be marked "Despatch Ready".