Hand Held Devices

Despatch Cloud has created a custom app to check stock levels, pick orders or search for locations with a tap on the screen.

If you would like help setting up your mobile device with Despatch Cloud, you can call us on 01377 455 180 or email [email protected]

To find out more about the mobile app, please visit https://despatchcloud.com/mobile-app.

Recommended Devices

The Despatch Cloud mobile application will work on Andriod devices running 6.0+. 

To guarantee full functionality, we recommend using a Zebra TC51, Zebra TC25 or Zebra TC20.

How to set up a Zebra Device

- Barcode Scan
You can configure your Zebra device by first scanning the large barcode found in the middle of the page of our setup document, which can be found  here.

- Pre-cofigured Profile
manually downloading ou pre-configured DataWedge profile here.

- Manual Setup
Alternatively, you can configure this manually by following the steps below.

- Go into the DataWedge application.

- Clone the DWDemo profile by long pressing on the profile.

- Name the new profile DCHandheld.

- In the DCHandheld profile, click on Decoders.

- From the list, enable Interleaved 2of5, Code11 and Code93.

- Go back to the DCHandheld menu and click Associated apps.

- Click the three dots in the top right of the app and click add new app.

- Scroll through the apps until you find Despatch Cloud and select it.

- Go back to the DCHandheld menu, scroll down to keystroke and disable it.

- Scroll further down to Intent output and enable it.

- Click Intent action and type handheld.ACTION

- Intent category should be left blank. 

- Click intent delivery and select broadcast intent.

Linking an Account to the Mobile Application

- Log into your Despatch Cloud account you wish to set the application up to.

- Click the settings button in the top right-hand side of the screen .

- Navigate to general settings.


- Click on Web Service in the navigation bar.


- Set Web Service Active to 'Yes'.


- Set a Web Service Key to a string of numbers and letters only you will know (this acts like a password to your mobile application).


- Once you have entered a web service key, click save changes. 


- On the mobile device, enter your company name as it is shown in the webpage URL.

  The webpage URL will be:

- The 'yourcompanyname' will be unique to your account and this is what needs to be entered.

- Enter the the API key which will be the web service key you made earlier.