Amazon Shipping

Amazon Shipping is a new integration for Despatch Cloud; with Despatch Cloud being one of only a few platforms that integrate with it. Here we can guide you step by step on integrating your Amazon Shipping account with Despatch Cloud.

Navigate your way to Settings -> Courier Integrations. Here you will be greeted with this page.

1. Click Install Courier and select Amazon Shipping.
2. Make sure that the module is Active by selecting 'Enabled'.
3. Navigate to the Courier Config.

4. Test Mode is a true/false value. If you wish to use test mode, this will not create shipments on your Amazon Shipping account. Leaving this blank will default to test mode being true.
5. Auth Company is a conditional value and can be left blank. This is an identifier for your Amazon Shipping account. This has to be given a value if you wish to use more than one Amazon Shipping account.
6. Collection details are your own details. Address Line 2, Address Line 3, County, Company ID & Tax ID are optional fields.
7. Don't forget to press save!

Once you have saved your details, make your way to the Amazon Shipping Control panel. Here is where we will pair your Amazon Shipping account with Despatch Cloud.

When you're ready to connect, click the Login With Amazon button. This will present a pop-up from Amazon, asking you to log in (see below). If this doesn't happen, double-check your browser settings to ensure that the pop-up wasn't blocked.

Log in with Amazon as usual (using 2FA if required). This will then present a window showing what information Despatch Cloud requests for this integration for works. Once you click Allow, this should then re-direct back to Despatch Cloud, meaning the integration was successful. If anything fails, it will error and show you a reason as to why.