QZ Tray (Windows)

To setup QZ Tray with Despatch Cloud please follow the installation and setup instructions as below.

If you would like support setting up QZ Tray with Despatch Cloud you can call us on  01377 455 180 or email [email protected].

If you want to know more about QZ Tray, you can visit the official QZ Tray website https://qz.io/

QZ Tray

To setup QZ Tray follow the below steps. If you need help or have any questions please contact us. 

Step 1

Go to the QZ Tray website https://qz.io/

Step 2
Click on the Download Now (as below).

Step 3
Click on QZ Tray 2.0 (as below).

Step 4
You will see a new window open on your computer. When this happens, please click Save File (as below).

Step 5
Once QZ Tray has successfully saved to your computer, double click on it follow the required steps to install  (as below).

Step 6
Click Run

Step 7
Click Next

Step 8
Click Agree

Step 9
Click Install

Your QZ Tray installation will now begin (as below).

Step 10
Click Close

Now that you have sucessfully installed QZ Tray, you may be automatially redirected to Java (https://java.com/en/download/). If not, please follow the following steps to install Java (as below).

Step 11
Go to Java (https://java.com/en/download/) Click on Free Java Download (as below).

Step 12
You will now be asked to agree to start a download. Click on Agree and Start Free Download (as below).

Step 13
Once you have clicked on Agree and Start Free Download, a new window wil appear asking you to save Java. Click Save File (as below).

Once you have saved Java. Find it on your PC and double click on it. A new window will now appear asking you to Run Java (as below)

Step 14
Click Run

Step 15
Click Install

Step 16
Make sure to UNTICK the checkbox which asks you to 'Set Yahoo as your homepage and default search engine on Firefox, Chome and Internet Explorer' (By leaving this checkbox ticked, it will allow for unwanted malware to be installed on to your computer.) Click Next (as below).

Java will now begin to install. Once it has sucessfully installed, click Close (as below).

Step 17
Now that you have successfully installed QZ Tray and Java you will need to click on the small QZ Tray icon that will have appeard at the bottom of your screen inside the task bar (or top, depending on the computer you are using). Click on the icon and select the option 'Automatically Start' (as below).

Step 18
Restart your browser. Please Note: Once you restart your browser, please be aware that when you re-open it, a pop-up will appear asking you to allow and remember QZ Tray, please click on Allowand make sure to TICK the checkbox which says 'Remember this decision' (as below).

Note: To setup a QZ Tray with Despatch Cloud you must have the login credentials for your Despatch Cloud account.

Step 19

Login to your Despatch Cloud account and go to Settings (as below).

Step 20
Click on General Settings (as below).

Step 21
Click on the 'Packing' tab and set QZ Tray Active to Yes (Recommended) (as below).

Now that you have configured the settings for QZ Tray you will need to configure the settings of the carrier you wish to use. To configure the settings of the carrier you wish to use please follow the intstructions below.

Step 22
Go to Settings > Courier Integrations (as below).

Step 23
Click on the courier you wish to use and click on Printer Settings. Enter the printer name exactly how it appears on your computer (this can usually be found under Devices & Printers). Click Save Changes (as below).

Step 24
Once you have completed all of the above steps, please restart your computer.

If you would like support setting up QZ Tray with Despatch Cloud you can call us on  01377 455 180 or email [email protected].