List Fulfilment Cancellations Billing

By specifying a date, you can list any cancelled fulfilments.

Method: GET
Filters are specified at the end of the URL like so: ?{{key}}={{value}}&{{key}}={{value}}
Filter           Description
client_idID of the client. Will show all clients if not specified.
dateDate of the cancelled fulfilments, formatted YYYY-MM-DD. Will show all dates if not specified.
pagePage number of your query. Will default to 1 if not specified.
limitHow many results per page. Will default to 100 if not specified.

Example Response:
        "id": 1,
        "client_id": "0001",
        "order_id": "0001-1565942799-16",
        "price": "4.50",
        "date": "1566001069",
        "status": 2,
        "invoice_id": "INV-1566001069"