Royal Mail

Despatch Cloud is fully integrated with Royal Mail.

If you would like support setting up Royal Mail with Despatch Cloud, you can call us on 01377 455 180 or email [email protected].

ITo find out more about Royal Mail, you can visit the official Royal Mail website

Royal Mail Options

Posting Location     This should be populated with the posting location linked to your Royal Mail Account.
Service LevelThis should be populated with the service level linked to the Royal Mail contract you want to use.
Safe PlaceOnly available on Royal Mail tracked service. Cannot be used in conjunction with services which require a signature.

Service Format
Code  Description
LInland Letter
FInland Large Letter
PInland Parcel
PInternational Letter
GInternational Flat
EInternational Parcel
NInland Format Not Applicable
NInternational Format Not Applicable 
NInternational Printed Papers

Enhancement Codes
CodeDescriptionEnhancement Group
1Consequential Loss £1000  Consequential Loss
2Consequential Loss £2500Consequential Loss
3Consequential Loss £5000Consequential Loss
4Consequential Loss £7500Consequential Loss
5Consequential Loss £10000Consequential Loss
6RecordedRecorded Signed for Mail
11Consequential Loss £750Consequential Loss Insurance       
12Tracked SignatureTracked Delivery Options
13SMS NotificationTracking Notifications
14E-Mail NotificationTracking Notifications
16SMS & E-Mail NotificationTracking Notifications
22Local CollectLocal Collect
24Saturday GuaranteedSaturday Guaranteed


A maximum of 3 enhancements are allowed by Royal Mail.

There cannot be more than 1 enhancement from each Enhancement Group.

13,14 & 16 are only available on Royal Mail Tracked services